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Monday, January 26, 2009


I try to keep a list of all of her funny terminology, just because she's the baby and growing up way too fast! Her sweet little words are turning into big girl words everyday.... Mark and I will continue to speek "Morgan" even though she's speaking proper English more everyday!!!

Mus-wap: mustache
After Bailey drank some grape juice, "Ewwwww, Bailey, you have a mus-wap"

Many Kiss-ums: Marry Christmas
We were so sad to get the normal pronunciation this past Christman!

Nuppin: Nothing
"Morgan Grace, WHAT are you doing??" "Nuppin."

Gunky: Monkey
"Will you read the gunky book?" (Curious George)

Barted: Farted =)
"Ewwwwww, Momma, Mark BARTED and it stinks!!!"

Nenner Mind: Never Mind
Mom: "Morgan, what are you saying? I can't understand you."
Morgan: "Rrrrrrrr, Nenner Mind!!"

Bala-eena Pin-cess: Balarina Princess
Morgan's idea of herself.

Ess: Yes
"Ess Ma'am"

Beezin': Freezing
"It's BEEZIN out there!!"
Hahaha....I forget the best one ever.... Burger: Booger
"Momma, I like burgers, but not hamburgers"!!!!


Update on Bailey-Boppers

While Bailey is recovering very nicely, things didn't go as planned. About 2 hrs 45 min into her surgery, Dr. Gower walked in the room. She said Bailey's sinuses were "just a mess". She said she'd never seen anything like it. Dr. Gower also said she had NEVER had to stop a surgery without completing it, but she had to with Bailey. She was able to complete the cheek sinuses and correct a badly deviated septum, but could n0t do the upper sinuses.

The surgery has been just about a week and a half ago. Bailey has recovered like a champ! She went back to school last Wednesday, and gets to return to her regular physical play/ activities today. She is having some headaches, but none have been the bad, debilitating ones that she's prone to.

Dr. Gower has refered us to another specialist at Emory. He is a "step up" from Dr. Gower's abilities. Dr. Sobol is still a pediatric ENT, but he has on hand a team of rhinologists that are available to help him with difficult surgeries. Bailey will remain on antibiotics until we see Dr. Sobol and he will direct us from there. (This will put her close to 3 months on antibiotics! Yikes!!)

Please continue to lift Bailey up in your prayers!!! She has been nothing less than amazing through all of this!!!!

I'll update as we go along......

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My lil' Bailey-Boppers

I figured since I had to check her out of school, sick today, I'd blog about her story.

I can't believe that my lil' girl is already 7....almost 7 1/2! That poor baby has really been through some tough stuff in her short life. She started out as an infant with non-stop ear infections. By the time she was 3, she had been through 3 sets of tubes, had her tonsills and adenoids removed and had undergone sinus surgery.

To make a long story somewhat shorter....over last summer, Bailey started having ear infections again. By winter, the pediatrician referred us to the specialist at Scottish Rite. Bailey underwent a CT scan. The results came back last Friday.....Bailey has chronic sinusitis again.

So, here's the plan: Next Tuesday, 1/13, Bailey will be tested for cystic fibrosys. That afternoon she'll have her pre-op visit. Next Thursday, 1/15, Bailey has to be at Scottish Rite at 8:30 for another CT scan. She'll then undergo a 2nd sinus surgery, scheduled for noon on that day. The recovery time for this surgery is estimated to be a week.

Please keep my lil' Bailey-Boppers in your prayers. Also, keep Dr. Gower in your prayers....that she will remain healthy and well rested, with a clear mind and steady hands as she performs Bailey's surgery!

I'll be home with Bailey through out her recovery, and I will update at that time!


Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I find it hard to believe that tomorrow will bring 2009!

Here are some things that we enjoyed in 2008:

~Settling into our new, married life
~Ginger got a 'real' job
~Ginger started school
~Moving to our new house
~Bailey started school after being in homeschool for kindergarten
~Tyson started kindergarten
~Morgan started an awesome pre-school
~Several trips to the beach
~Bailey got accepted into Program Challange
~Sally Belle had her first litter of pups
~Mark went on his first deep ocean dive (yikes!)
~Spending time with some sweet friends and loved ones
~Being beside the love of my life at church every Sunday
and praying with him every night

Here are some things that we are looking forward to in 2009:

~More incredible beach vacations
~Mark getting his certification
~Ginger preparing for the pre-nursing exam
~Morgan starting pre-k
~A second litter of sweet pups from Sally Belle and Spanky
~Spending more precious time with our friends and loved ones
~More Sunday mornings, side by side....and my favorite, our
nightly prayers

May 2009 bring you all many blessings!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Starting Out

This is our first blog. I'll update as briefly as I can, and future posts will go from here.

I am currently in school (yeah!! finally going back after being out since 1992). I am in the RN program. I'm working full-time and going to school in the evenings. This is stressful at times, but would be completely impossible without Mark's unwaivering support!!

The kiddos: They are all doing great!! Brandon and Bailey are both in Program Challange. Tyson started kindergarten this year and absolutely loves it. Morgan is still the baby...she's in daycare and loves it. She'll start pre-k this fall.

We had an awesome Christmas!! We have been so very blessed, and Christmas was just another way of proving that. Mark and I woke the kids up a little after 6.....and the craziness began! I've never seen so many twist ties!!!!

Yesterday was a very special day! Mark and I have been married for a year now!! To all who thought I'd completely lost my mind, I hope you're happy to see that I am head over hills in love and haven't been locked in a padded cell yet! I gave my heart away a year ago, but I still have my mind =)